High buildup of soil, no access to the damp side .....

Tanking creates a barrier preventing further water seepage through the wall. In high buildup areas sometimes it’s the only choice. 

Tanking and Basement Solutions

Tanking is used on basement walls and areas where there is a high external build up of soil. Excavation and drainage access is denied in this circumstance. The positive side of the wall, or the side of water penetration and damp, cannot be accessed and repaired through traditional methods. This procedure is used to prevent water from further penetrating through the wall.

break out of salts on brick wall
Salt breakout interior wall view
wall showing buildup of soil behind it
Bricks removed for rebuild

Tanking Solution Properties

  • high strength rubberised cement coating

  • excellent adhesion

  • increased bond strength

  • can be applied to damp surfaces

  • can be rendered or painted over



tanking solution in garage painted over with membrane

Tanking solution application – 

Surfaces are prepared by filling in loose mortar joints and crevices.

3 coats of the high strength rubberised cement coating is applied. A brush is used ensuring no pin holing occurs.
Surface can be rendered or painted.

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