Water ingress, failed or poorly installed membranes .....

Waterproofing membrane protection coatings create a seal or barrier. It’s one of the biggest dollar claims through insurance.

Waterproofing Creates A Barrier

Waterproofing is the process where a building component is made totally resistant to the passage of water flow or water vapour. It creates a barrier which prevents the flow of moisture through porous materials such as concrete,brickwork and masonry. This process is only achieved when using a membrane coating which makes the surface waterproof.

DampShield specialises in the waterproofing of all wet areas in residential, commercial and industrial properties. The work is fully guaranteed and carried out by licensed and experienced tradesmen to comply with Australian Standards.

Waterproofing Membrane Protection Areas

  • walls
  • bathrooms
  • balconies
  • laundries
  • concrete surfaces and slabs
  • sub-tile areas
  • planter boxes
  • sandstone facings
  • roofs
  • decks
  • retaining walls
  • cavity flashings
  • basementsĀ (tanking applied)
  • drainage areas
cracked wall before waterproofing membrane is applied
waterproofing membrane protection applied to external wall
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