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A wise buyer should know the degree of damp and the costings involved for repair. Dampshield offers pre purchase inspections. It’s a damp report for home buyers.

Pre Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection, also known as a standard property report, is one of the different types of building inspection reports available. These qualified inspections are undertaken by buyers of properties prior to exchange or during the 5 business day cooling off period. Typical pre-purchase inspections include pest reports, building reports and strata reports for strata title properties. Dampshields damp report for home buyers is more extensive and concentrates on damp issues only.

There are three good reasons why you should get a building inspection report done before you buy a property:

  1. Know in advance what problems are present before you buy.
  2. Use the information reported to try and negotiate a lower price for the property. You could negotiate the price of the property using the costs of repairs it will cost you to fix the problem.
  3. A pre-purchase will give you specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time.
damp report for property owners gives piece of mind

Factors Affecting The Report

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There are certain conditions you should be aware of that will affect the final report. These include:

  • problems that may have been deliberately covered up to make an area appear problem free. This may include sheeting or a fresh coat of paint over a damp wall, which will not get picked up at the time of inspection. Furniture and other obstacles like paintings could also be placed over a problem area. Basically alot of sellers put a bandaid over problem areas which in the future will leave the buyer out of pocket.
  • limited expertise of the consultant performing the inspection. The specific areas of this consultant’s expertise should be detailed in the report. An example of this would be a pre-purchase report detailing a damp problem, but to what degree are the expenses going to be. You will only know if you get a pre-purchase damp inspection from a reputable damp company.
  • problems that are difficult to detect due to weather or other conditions such as rising damp and leaks
  • the information you provide to the consultant
  • Leaks in bathrooms and all wet areas are harder to specify if the water has been turned off at the property or not used in a while.

Pre Purchase Damp Inspection


Normally our services are rendered for a pre-purchase damp inspection after a standard property report has been performed. When areas of damp are picked up, a wise buyer should know the degree of damp and the costings involved for repair. This is normally called a specific property report or inspection. This damp report for home buyers is a valuable tool iin weighing up end decisions for the purchase.

DampShield offers a pre-purchase damp inspection (specific property damp report) outling all damp issues found, and a fully itemised costing for repair. This report also includes a summary of the scope of work to be performed. If you are thinking of booking in a pre-purchase damp inspection during the cooling off period, please keep in mind the time factor it takes to perform the inspection and the time it takes to put the report together. Do not leave yourself short of time during this cooling off period.

damp report for home buyers allows all costs for repair

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