rising damp

Welcome to Dampshields first blog post: Whats hiding in your cavity walls ?

rubble in the cavity wall usually a double skin brick wall

So the purpose of this blog is to give an insight into damp problems that you may have. Maybe you’re not sure of the signs and symptoms or even the problem. Either way it’s best to check with a professional technician.

So one of the common things that will cause a damp problem is a blocked cavity in the brickwork. A cavity is the space between two skins of brickwork. The wall cavity has been a common dumping ground for all sorts or rubble like left over concrete, blue metal and other debris. Builders and home builders think that this is an okay place to put this rubbish. But in the end, its only going to bite the owner on the rear end.

a cavity wall full of rubble
cavity full of rubble

So what’s so wrong about this quick fix ,out of site, right at your fingertips rubbish removal? Over time the weep holes get covered over, The rubble in the cavity gets wet or damp and makes a bridge from one brick wall to the other. The water should be able to drain freely out of the weep holes. But when it sits in the rubble for a period of time, the mortar and brickwork become damp. Rising damp becomes like cancer in the wall, slowly eating the bricks and mortar away. The brickwork will crumble causing the structure to become unstable.

Avoid full wall rebuilds which are slow and time consuming, therefore costly to the owner. Get it right in the first place.